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In the fall of 1995 I got the idea to start a web magazine for flyfishermen/-women and other nature loving people. Over the years, I have come in contact with many skillful flyfishermen/ -women that have greatly influenced my flyfishing interest. Because of this, I wanted to create a place on the web where other flyfishermen/-women and I could share our knowledge and experience with other people.

Rackelhanen Flyfishing Magazine is an non-commercial web-magazine which intends to offer visitors a great deal of interesting information not just about fishing, but also on all other topics connected to flyfishing. It is my belief that flyfishers have a wide interest in nature and because of this they are interested in birds, insects, flowers, trees and all kinds of animals. Many flyfishers are also interested in building their own equipment, such as rods, nets and flies.

The intention of this magazine is that flyfishermen and women, both "professionals" and beginners, should be able to find information that is both educational and interesting and that may contribute to add yet another dimension to their flyfishing.

The reason for naming this webzine to Rackelhanen is simple: My favourite fly is the Rackelhanen, one simple but genius fly, invented by the Swedish fly fishing guru; Kenneth Boström.

(Rackelhane: Swedish name for a hybrid (mixed breed) between a Black Grouse male, (Heathcock) Lyrurus t. tetrix, and a Western capercaillie female, Tetrao urogallus. Two gallinaceous European gamebirds.)

Mats Sjöstrand 1995


We're looking for writers

You are very welcome to contribute yourself. Write an article about a fishing place or a fishing trip, your fishing technique, contribute with a fly pattern, reveal your fly tying secrets or give us a tip on how to fish your home waters. Share your knowledge and experience with fellow flyfishermen and -women all around the world. Your participation is important to keep this magazine interesting and up to date.

Send your material to "Webmaster"

Rackelhanen is a non-commercial publication. We don't earn any money on this publication so I can't pay for any material you send me. I hope you fly fishermen/women from around the world will share your knowledge and experience with others for free.

If anyone of you readers are interested in helping us by proofreading our English translation we would be very grateful. We would also be grateful if anyone would be interested in helping us translate text material from Swedish into English.
If you are interested please contact us.


In 2004 Mats decided to accept contributions from sponsors to help pay for the expenses of publishing Rackelhanen on the web. We keep the sponsoring to a minimum and only want to cover the actual expenses. The costs are for webhosting, domain fee and bandwidth consumption. We hope our present  and future writers and readers understand this policy. The only other option would be to close down this site (horrible thought!). If you or your company want to be one of Rackelhanen's official sponsors you are welcome to contact us.


So far the following people have contributed with articles, photos, help and other stuff:

Benson Adams
Sune Adolfsson

Rolf Ahlkvist
Jason Akl
Stuart Anderson
George Anderson
Jonas Andersson
Niclas Andersson

Devanie Angel
Sean Andrews
Heikki Anttonen
Andy Ault
Zeljko Babic, (Guidepool Bosnien)
Archie Begin
Jim Benenson
Magnus Berg

Lennart Bergqvist
Torben Berg-Sørensen
Robert Bettencourt
Einar Björkegren
Jonas Björkman
Ulf Bodén
Christer Boisen
Kenneth Boström
Arne Broman
André Brun
Bill Bryden
Per Brännström
Mikael Båth
Johan Börjesson
Ralph Carlin
Martin Carlsson
Dallas Cassel
Jim C. Chapralis
Barry Ord Clarke
Hector Claverie
Garth Coghill
Jack Cook
Niklas Dahlin
Anders Daniels
Josef Davidsson
Harry P. Davis
Misty Dhillon
Petru Dima
John Dobson
Bill Drew
Jocelyn Hazelwood Donlon
Steen Ellemose
Leif Ehnström
Kenneth Einars
Mogens Espersen
Dan Fallon
Jan Faltin
Roddy Finnie
Jan-Å Fritzson
Nils Färnström
Jonas Gavelin
Andrew Graham-Stewart
Jon Griffin
Gerben Groustra
Goran Grubic
Joe Guide (Walter Dinkins)

Thommy Gustavsson
Elsa Haglund
Ulf Hagström
Mikael Hansson

Bruce E. Harang
Chris Hill

Claes Hederstierna
Chris Helm
Johan Hemmingsson
Tracey John Hittel
Tommy Hjelm
Gerald Hoffnagle
Mike Hogue
John Holt

Scott Howell
Johan Häkkinen
Anders Isberg
Preben Torp Jacobsen
Siv Jansson
Anders Johannesson
Jonas Johansson
Mattias Johansson
Roger Johansson
Gunnar Johnson
Poul Jorgensen

Randall Kadish
Håkan Karsnäser
Tellis Katsogiannos

Bob Kenly
Herb Kettler
John Kingma
Egon Kjernell
Hans van Klinken
Johan Klingberg
Pelle Klippinge
Roger Kloos
Doc Knoll
Pål Krogvold
Horst Kuehne
Jan Kvil

Gösta Laestander
Henrik Larsson
Svante Larsson
Tom Layson
Jay Lee
Eric D. Lehman
Mårten Lindhé
Andreas Lindholm
Leon Links

Jeffrey K. Lown
Bertil Lundahl
Jack Lundberg
Knud Løvø
Martyn Mackenzie Skues
Ramiro Garcia Malbran
Wolfgang von Malottke
James Matthews
Gideon McCain

Davie McPhail
Kjell Midbjer
Nils Mogensen
Stefan Molin
Tom Morgan
Michele Murray
Björn Möller
Anders Möllervärn
Marko Niemi
Torbjörn Nilssen Klinga
Peter Nilsson
Gianluca Nocentini
David Norberg
Erik Nygaard
Johan Nygren

Erling Olsen
Tomas Olson
Andreas Olsson
Lars-Åke Olsson
Håkan Perhans
Per Persson
Tracy Peterson
Kjell-Erik Pettersson
Ulf Pierrou
Olivier Plasseraud

Johan Quick
Danjel Radetic
Arkadi de Rakoff
Gunnar Rask Nielsen
Claes Rehbinder
Gary Romanic
Agostino Roncallo
Ismo Saastamoinen
Leif Sahlberg
Lief Sahlqvist

Göran Sandberg
Frank Sawyer

Doug Scates
Jurij Shumakov
Brandon Simmons
Johan Sjunnestad
Jon Asle Sjøli
Trico Spinner
Fox Statler
Christer Stenberg
Urban Strahl

Mikael Svensson
George C Stek
Laszlo Szabo
Kristian Söderström
Arve Herman Tangen
L. T. Threadgold
Stig Torniainen
Preben Torp Jacobsen
Lenne Törnqvist
Wille Utter
Matias Wahlén
William Walker
Randulf Valle
Alf Wennskog
Martin Westbeek
Jörgen Vidmark
Graham Wilkinson
Brian Wiprud
Karl Woodmansey
Steve Volski
Claes Ylving

Jan Östberg
Bengt Öste
Hans Östnell

We'd also like to thank the following people who have been kind enough
to help out with translations:

Robert A. Lucas,
Lasse Mårtensson

Ulrika Lindfors Davis
Claudia and Wiking Wahlgren


A short presentation of Mats:

I have fished all my life, since I was big enough to handle a fishing rod, and began with flyfishing in 1986. Most of my fishing is for brown trout in my local fishing waters, but a couple of times each year I travel to northern regions of Sweden and to Norway to fish for grayling and trout.

Mats SjöstrandAs a flyfishermen I live by the saying: "There is much more to fishing than catching fish".
My main interests are flyfishing, my websites, but I am also interested in birds, hunting, computers, rod building, flytying, leather handicraft, photographing and carpentry, history, art and some other stuff.
I work as a printer.

Maybe we will meet some day out fishing. If you ever see me out there, feel free to come up to me for a chat.

Have a good life.

- The trout is out there -

Sincerely Mats Sjöstrand, Sweden. Helsingborg

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