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Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 2 2017: FLY WATER REALITY WAY OUT WEST  (2017-04-18)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 1 2017: Fly School (2017-03-10)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 6 2016: Dream Fly Christmas (2016-12-08)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 4 2016: Mid Summer Fly Tactics! (2016-07-26)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 3 2016: Four Very Common Mistakes! (2016-04-27)

Fly fishing teachers & lessons learned throughout the years
Read story about Lefty Kreh. By Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins 2016
Published here 2016-02-02

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing: Ropes and high hopes
Column nr 4 of 2015, Dan Fallon tells us a story about a trip along Feather river. (2015-10-10)

Local Magic in the West of Ireland
Casting one’s fly into Irish loughs and rivers exalts all that is truly special about fishing and makes up our wonderful passion. The beauty, often breath-taking, wild and empty, leaves your inner silence finally undisturbed, accompanied by the gentle sound of wind and water always at your side. By Nick Scott. (2015-08-26)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing, Napoleon On the Fly
Column nr 3 of 2015: Dan Fallon tells us a story about when Napoleon Bonaparte somehow found a few precious hours for much needed fly rod time before his last decisive battle began... (2015-08-10)

Take a brush and paint a dayfly!
What makes fly fishing so fascinating is the fact, that it can be associated with so many other hobbies.
By Preben Torp Jacobsen. (2015-08-09)

The legend lives
Fly fishing story by  Ernie Schwiebert. "James Poor was an expert fisherman. Poor operated the principal fly-fishing shop in the Denver metropolitan region some twenty-odd years ago, and was also a famous Colorado fly maker." (2015-07-10)

“Popping Bug, Deer Hair Slider, or big ol’ Crabby Fly will beat a Redfish - like a drum-most summertime mornings” By Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins (2015-06-22)

Avalon Permit Fly
My first saltwater grand slam - a permit, tarpon, and bonefish in a single day - while fishing in Cuba, thanks in large part to a new permit fly. By Hans van Klinken (2015-03-17)

CASTING AWAY YOUR CARES on the Flats… by Commander Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins. (2014-09-04)

Fishing for Fall Browns
Fall fishing in Montana isn't for everybody. For most folks, the combination of clouds, rain, and cold weather make for a crummy day outdoors, more suitable for staying under the covers and reading a book than fishing. By James Anderson (2013-12-08)

The surprise
When I lived in Twin Bridges, I often drove by a small spring creek that looked interesting enough to fish some day. Story by Tom Morgan (2013-09-06)

Mud And Blood On The Kvichak
Fishing story by Dan Fallon (2013-07-31)

Dan Fallon's Fly Fishing Column
Nr. 1. 2013 Dan Fallon's World Of Fly Fishing (2013-01-08)

Mahseer Species
Mahseer is the common name used for the genera Tor, Neolissochilus, and Naziritor in the family Cyprinidae (carps). The name Mahseer is however more often restricted to members of the genus Tor. The taxonomy of the Mahseer is confusing due to the morphological variations they exhibit. By Jonas Nyqvist (2012-10-20)

Fly fishing in Yorkshire
Yorkshire has a long and fine tradition of fly fishing and some argue that modern fly fishing was founded here. By Hans van Klinken

Dan Fallon's Fly Fishing Column
Nr. 10 2012 Dan Fallon's World Of Fly Fishing (2012-10-11)

“Fly fishing for Crabby redfish in skinny water"
By Joe Guide (2012-01-31)

How to pick the right Guide for your next fishing trip
By Joe Guide

Joe Guide’s Mathematical Formula
for sight fishing tailing Redfish in the Spartina grass Flats North Carolina. By Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins. (2011-02-28)

Short story by Randy Kadish (2010-12-05)

Fly Fishing for tailing Red Fish in the Spartina Grass Flats of the lower Cape Fear saltmarsh. By Joe Guide (2010-03-02)

On the Cusp
Our planet is a fantastic mixture of elements constantly struggling to gain a footing on the other. By Harry P. Davis (2010-02-23)

Chokoloskee Tarpon
Tarpon fever had taken a firm grip on my brain and visions of big tarpon can cloud anyone’s judgment. When you get tarpon fever there is only one cure. By George Anderson (2009-12-02)

Fishing beneath a marble sky
Short story by Randy Kadish (2008-11-05)

Winston fiberglass history
under Tom Morgan's ownership, by Tom Morgan

Fly Fishing Thailand - Arowana The Arowana is one of the most engaging species introduced into Thailand and offers spectacular fly fishing in Thailand. by Capt. Max Mackenzie Skues (2008-08-30)

The King’s Water
Thoughts on fishing in river Mörrum, by Brandon Simmons  (2008-08-19)

A Bad Day on the River
Short story by By Eric D. Lehman (2008-07-22)

Different levels of fishing and...
short story by Randy Kadish. (2008-05-14)

Searching For Native Color
In search of what the Wyoming Game and Fish Department calls the Wyoming-Cutt Slam. Article by John Holt.  (2008-05-04)

Thailand Barramundi on the Fly - Part 2, by Capt. Max Mackenzie Skues (2008-04-04)

Fly Fishing in Thailand - an Introduction, by Capt. Max Mackenzie Skues (2008-03-29)

Interview with Hans van Klinken, by Hein van Aar (2008-03-25)

Thailand Barramundi on the Fly -Part 1 Often known for its spectacular violent head shaking leaps from the water during a fight, the Barramundi justifiably commands respect from those who seek it out. Surprisingly, this, the gamest of all game fish is relatively unknown to many fly fishermen. Pound for pound the Barramundi will outrun, outstrip and outfight any salmonoid. (Part 1) By Martyn (Max) Mackenzie Skues (2008-02-16)

Short story by Randy Kadish (2007-10-20)

Fly casting with the man of La Mancha
Short story by Randy Kadish (2007-10-20)

The Homer Roach Travels To Ireland: HUH?
The use of a Alaskan salmon tube fly in a Irish Loch. By Bob Kenly 2007-08-24

Casting a fly at the Himalayan Mahseer, "Flies and Fly-Fishing Techniques for the Himalayan Mahseer" By Misty Dhillon 2007-08-24

Walking the Streams
Personal essay about fly-fishing in Connecticut. By Eric D. Lehman (2007-08-02)

Wax and old feathers
Short story by John McHale (2007-07-22)

An Angling Legend Of The Harlem Meer.
Story by Randy Kadish (2007-07-22)

Memories of a Central Park angler
Short story by Randy Kadish (2007-05-28)

Davy and Pete
Short story by Bob Kenly (2007-05-28)

Measuring Success in Fly Fishing and in Life
By Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer, The Fly Fishing Rabbi (2007-04-09)

Paid to fish - A True Story continued by Bill Drew (2006-12-30)

Yuri and Me
Article on Yuri Shumakov. By Bob Kenly (2006-11-01)

A new fisherman is born!
Short story by Matthew G. Hauge (2006-10-06)

Pursuing the Mighty Himalayan Legends. Mahseer game fishing in some  of the world's last frontiers. By Misty Dhillon (2006-07-31)

New York Pier Fishing (with a fly rod) Short story by Randy Kadish (2006-05-27)

Opening Day
Short story by Randy Kadish (2006-04-01)

Paid to fish - A True Story
Starting as a fishing guide. By Bill Drew (2006-03-04)

Going Back Again
Memoir, trip to Fire Island by Randy Kadish (2006-02-12)

The Argentine Connection, article on grilled salmon using "Chimichurri", by Bob Kenly (2005-07-30)

Alternative angling Fishing smallmouth bass in Pennsylvania by Julian C Bixler (2005-07-12)

City Angler
Fly fishing story by Randy Kadish (2005-07-10)

How do I spell relief, short story by Gideon McCain. (2004-10-16)

My preferred flies, three flies, tying descriptions; Olive Biot Dun, P.A. Emerging, Emergent Hare's Ear. By Gianluca Nocetini. (2004-05-04)

An Angler Of The American Civil War, Short novel by Randy Kadish (2004-05-02)

The Immigrant and The Fly-Casting Tournament of 1909 story by Randy Kadish (2004-04-10)

An Angler Of The Triangle Fire story by Randy Kadish (2004-03-20)

Tigerfish on the Zambezi River by Andy Ault (2004-03-02)

The Fly Casters story by Randy Kadish (2004-02-28)

Let’s go fishing - with Glenda Powell, Salmon - Feminine Style, by Olivier Plasseraud (2004-01-18)

Two fly-fishing women, a long story by Randy Kadish (2004-01-17)

A reason to fish memoir by Randy Kadish 2004-01-07

Beginning again, in Montana, fly fishing story by Arkadi de Rakoff (2003-02-08)

A Fly-fishing Fantasy Relived, fishing trip story by William Walker. (2002-10-27)

The Rouge River, A Fly and Me Story by Gideon McCain (2002-10-19)

The Art of Fly-fishing by William Walker (2002-10-12)

Eye of the tiger article about fly fisher Cindy Garrison. by Dan Fallon. (2002-04-14)

Where Real Alaskans Fish, By Bob Kenly. (2002-03-15)

The inconnu, the unknown whitefish, by Hans van Klinken. (2002-02-24)

A Day on the Skeena River, by Luciano.   (2002-02-24)

Fishing With Frozen Food on the Colorado River, (A Boy and His Turkey) story by Michele Murray. (2001-10-14)

Brown trout from white water, fishing story by Roddy Finnie (Published 2001-10-01)

Adventure in northern Dalarna, by John Kingma. Fly fishing adventure in the Idre region, Dalarna, Sweden

Spare the rod, Chico fly rod maker Walton Powell died defending his honor after selling his family's name and image to the Schwab family. By Devanie Angel (2001-08-08)

Pike are just a ryat, pike fishing story by Roddy Finnie

Double your shad catch, five Simple Techniques, by Brian M. Wiprud. (Published 2001-03-14)

Marathon Fly Fishing, A Race Against Trout and Time, by Brian M. Wiprud

Snap Tandems For Pickerel, article on fly fishing for "pike". by Brian M. Wiprud (Published 2001-03-14)

Trout fishing in Kenya, article by Brian Wiprud

The Duffer in the Dark --Sea Trout for the beginner. Story by Bill Drew, (2000-12-26)

The Duffer goes Czech at Chatsworth. Story by Bill Drew, (2000-12-26)

As cunning as a Trout … the Duffer wises up. Story by Bill Drew, (2000-12-26)

A month i Yukon, by Padre. Photo by Hans and Ina van Klinken (2000-11-09)

Fishing San Juan river, USA, by Robert Bettencourt (2000-11-09)

Anniversary Brookie, story by Steve Volski, (2000-10-19)

Arthur's Lake - Tasmania - by Chris Hill. (2000-09-18)

Yakima, flyfishing article by Doug Scates (2000-09-10)

Stalking the Large Trout of Australia, article on Tasmanian flyfishing by Chris Hill

Fly Fishing in Central and South Eastern Pennsylvania, article by Roger Kloos. (Published 2000-07-11)

Fish of a Lifetime, a short story from a succesful fishing trip in Scotland, by Ralph Carlin

Carp on a fly, article by Gary Romanic, (2000-04-06)

‘Cudda Fishing off Grand Cayman. Flyfishing story by Jeffrey K. Lown, (2000-03-05)

The Duffer on the Dove (a raid South of the Border). Story by Bill Drew, (2000-03-05)

The Duffer and the last trout of the season. Story by Bill Drew, (2000-03-05)

Duffer Reflects on the Horrors of Summer. Story by Bill Drew, (2000-01-03)

In the spell of Norwegian Grayling, a story by Hans van Klinken (Published 991220)

A Word To The Wise ---The Duffer Consults. Story by Bill Drew, (991205)

The Duffer and the Poacher. Story by Bill Drew, (990808)

Grayling (Spring in winter). Story by Bill Drew, (990624)

Duffers (Drew a blank). Story by Bill Drew, (990507)

Butterfly & the Trout, a personal portrayal on flyfisher Karen Graham, cover girl of Vogue Magazine. By Dan Fallon. (Published 990311)

Confess if you have ever had a blank day. Story by Bill Drew, (990313)

Lord of the Flies, a personal portrayal on Walton Powell, by Dan Fallon. (Published 990121)

In the spell of the Rackelhanen, Rackelhanen, Thank you! Hans van Klinken tell us a story of his first meeting with the famous Rackelhanen fly. (Published 980103)

Biography of Hans van Klinken, Article on the famous Dutch flyfisher and flytyer Hans van Klinken, by Paul Marriner. (Published 980103)



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