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You are welcome to send in your own contribution. It can be hints on tying technique, new or old fly tying materials, presentation of a fly pattern, new or classical flies. Tools that you use. Fishing technique for a special fly. In short, anything connected to fly tying and flies. Mark your mail: "flytying"
Fly tying related articles:

Whisky, wings and wedding dresses
In this article, I want to tell you about how I started to work with organza, and found some nice tricks to handle it. I think organza is a wonderful material, and because I use it in a unique way, I'm sure that I can give you some valuable tips. By Hans van Klinken. (2016-04-20)


Rune's Dragonfly
This is one of my favorite patterns for early season fishing in the lakes where i live. By Rune Andre Stokkebekk 2009. (2015-08-26)


Alien Bug
During the warm August and September months hoppers are big part of the trout's diet in the Rocky Mountain area of the United States. Fishing with hoppers can be really exciting. By Jay Lee (2015-08-12)


Rusty Rat (Variant)
Scott Howell had a talent for taking old patterns and reworking them with new materials so that they become a better fly, and he have shown his usual mastery with this fly. (2015-07-10)


Avalon Permit Fly
My first saltwater grand slam - a permit, tarpon, and bonefish in a single day - while fishing in Cuba, thanks in large part to a new permit fly. By Hans van Klinken (2015-03-17)


Mörke John - wrapping hackle and finishing a fly -
To get an nice and straight hackle on your dry flies can sometimes be an pain. Well off course there is a question of the quality of the hackle, but not just that. By Niklas Dahlin  (2015-02-21)


Tips for selecting deer hair
Choosing the right hair will make your deer hair flies - Comparaduns, EHCīs, Muddlers, bass bugs - much easier to tie.
By Chris Helm  (2015-02-21)


How to tie better deer-hair flies
Article filled with useful tips on how to improve your skills tying deer hair flies By Chris Helm. (2015-02-21)


Peacock Stonefly
This black adult generic Stonefly works well because its built with iridescent Peacock Herl By Dan Fallon  (2014-06-26)


Mouse Magic
Article on effective salmon and rainbow fly pattern. By Dan Fallon (2014-05-04)


Damsel Fly Nymph
The Damsel Fly Nymph can be an important pattern for spring fishing. A couple of times during our traditional trout fishing trip the fish have been very selective and have keyed in on these nymphs. Any larger nymph would do OK, but an exact imitation can't hurt (and in any case; it's good for your self-confidence). By Mikael Båth, 1998 (2014-01-03)


The Royster Doyster
Is somewhat a little tribute to my dear friend Roy Christie. By Niklas Dahlin (2014-02-14)


Grey Fox Variant
Here we will learn a little of one of my personal favorites, the Grey Fox variant. The pattern was created by Catskill celebrity Art Flick. The fly was of what I heard one of the flies Flick had closest to his heart. By Niklas Dahlin (2013-12-26)


Telemarkskongen - "The King of Telemark"
Norwegian fly, which are many flyfisher’s favourite as a classic wet fly for Grayling, Trout and Char. Presented by Erling Olsen (2013-09-30)


Sømme-puppa (Soemme-pupae)
Sømme-puppa is an imitation of a swimming caddis pupa. We had great success with this fly during a caddis hatch where different flies were refused. By Pål Krogvold (2013-09-08)


The Great Lakes Irish Invaders
Irish shrimp flies tend to be very different than what we normally see in North America, however they are popular with West Coast Steelhead fishers. The fly construction generally follows a long held Irish tradition of construction. By Bob Kenly 2010. (2013-09-06)


The Adams
Judge Charles F. Adams asked his friend Halladay to create a fly that would imitate the insect the discriminating trout were favoring that day. Leonard Halladay and Charles Adams used The Adams with great success on their beloved Boardman River, Michigan. By Niklas Dahlin 2009 (2013-08-31)


Glitter for pike
Pike bites not only in fat wobblers. They are also interested in larger model flies. Why not try a fly made of sparkly glitter instead for a change and take your pike fishing to new heights. By Anders Isberg, (2013-06-18)


Most good flies are also simple flies, and Knekestorparen is really a very simple fly - but also a fly with real great qualities when it comes to attracting surface feeding fish. By Gunnar Johnson 1982


Hanger pupae
This fly I tied for attracting fish when eating pupae and other insects just below the surface and you want to know that the fly floats at the right depth. The length of nylon cord can be advantageously varied so that the flies may float at different depths. By Niklas Andersson


Stonefly nymph, type heavy
The fly is supposed to be effective for fishing in Baltak and other streaming waters, so why hesitate. Easy to tie and a real treat for the fish. By Johan Sjunnestad


Twisted Palmer
Fly designed for fishing fast flowing waters. By Agostino Roncallo


Coloring Raw Tubes
A look into some alternative methods of coloring tubes. By Bob Kenly (2012-12-10)


Powder paint your tubes and bead heads
Tube tyers are opening up their eyes to the possibilities of adding an extra kick to their favourite patterns. As fishermen, we all know that colour definitely makes a difference. Powder Paints gives you the freedom to colour your favourite metal tubes or bead heads. By Stuart Anderson (2012-12-11)


Snowshoe Sparkle Dun
Using hair from Snowshoe hare feet are popularity among tiers. The dense, curly underfur holds a lot of air bubbles. It is easily compressed, so it is tied in without too much bulk. The hair is very hydrophobic and buoyant. By Martin Westbeek


Twisted hackle
This artificial fly, how to create an extended body by twisting an entire hackle CDC. By Agostino Roncallo


Upset hackle
This artificial fly, built on small hooks is very good for trout and grayling. By Agostino Roncallo


The Modular Tube Fly - Part 2
Will cover adding and removing weight to your flies. This is one of my favorite options in the Modular Tube Fly System and is definitely one of the most valuable as well. By Benson Adams


The Modular Tube Fly - Part 1
One of the biggest upsides to tying on tubes, whether they be metal or plastic, is that they are highly modular with multiple options that can be swapped in and out. By Benson Adams


Loop body
Experimenting with new ways to construct the extended body. By Agostino Roncallo 2012-07-01


Tube Fly Preparation - The Basics
Some of the basics of preparing your tube fly for tying on. It is a fairly simple task. By Benson Adams 2012-06-23


Tube Fly Vise - The Basics
One of the first steps to tying a tube fly would be to purchase or create a tube fly vise. You can accomplish this in many ways. The simplest method, and the most inexpensive is to purchase a few different sizes of blind eye hooks. By Benson Adams 2012-06-15


Tube body & Split hackles
Improvement of earlier described assembly that allows you to create wings formed by barbs of a cock's hackle. By Agostino Roncallo


Caseless Caddis (Ryacophila)
Trout really love them. On a season-long base, caddis larva's are arguably the most prolific trout food and we are crazy not to use them. A caddis larva imitation should be in our fly boxes at all times. By Hans van Klinken


A story about a fly and itīs originator; The Bradley special
Something with itīs simplicity caught my attention. Offcourse the fact of me never heard of it before also added some spice to the situation. By Niklas Dahlin


Paraloop with wings
Fly tying article by Agostino Roncallo (2012-04-22)


The Green Glomma Duns
The winter of 1989/1990 was reserved for attempting to tie several flies, which looked almost exactly like the actual insects. My priority was to create some good looking and effective Mayfly patterns. By Hans van Klinken


Tiny BWO
Various emerger patterns are quite successful, usually tied with CDC wings. This time I would like to show the one that was the most successful for me, which I call Tiny BWO, because it works best when tied on small hooks. By Goran Grubic


Extended body Puff
Fly tying article by Agostino Roncallo


Chest & CDC wing
One of the simplest and most effective ways to mount the Cul de Canard is the system that were built in the traditional Moustique Swiss Jura; fix the hackle of CDC on the shank of the hook and wraps around it like a cock's hackle. By Agostino Roncallo


CDC an MP tying material
- Bring only one tying material with you. The one and only material - after my firm opinion - appropriate for taking up this challenge would be CDC. Article by Leon Links (2011-12-03)


by Agostino Roncallo (2011-12-03)


Stewart Black Spider
150 years old, and still going strong. By Niklas Dahlin (2011-11-05)


In the book, "Magie in CDC", I proposed an ant that is built using one CDC hackle. A fly is effective, especially for fishing grayling. By Agostino Roncallo (2011-10-30)


Cul De Canard against all rules (part one) The Culard.
CDC has been used by a small number of anglers in the Swiss Jura for about a century. By Hans van Klinken 

Cul De Canard against all rules (part two) Once and Away
One of my best and most beautiful emerging patterns I ever made and is especially designed to be almost unsinkable. By Hans van Klinken

Junction Tubes, A New Approach
Tube flies have exploded in popularity in the past decade, and with that explosion new approaches and techniques to fish them have grown exponentially. Junction tubes (also known as hook sleeves) are an important part of the whole tube fly package. By Stuart Anderson (2011-09-20)
Parachute wings of cock hackle. I prefer natural to synthetic materials. By Agostino Roncallo (2011-09-10)
Fly tying: Easy way to get a detached body. By Agostino Roncallo (2011-06-11)
Footprint Fly Style - Ephemeroptera (RWU Dun - Right Way Up Hook Dun) By L. T. Threadgold (2011-05-31)
Deer hair ant
I was "forced" to devise a my own procedure to create a imitation,  and after several trials, I came up with the following method. By Agostino Roncallo (2011-05-02)
Refracta Fly
To get the support collar of a passing imitation used two rooster hackles, one with long and elastic beards and another shorter and more rigid. By Agostino Roncallo (2011-04-01)
Calf Tail
When darkness falls, I do not want to stop fishing. The calf's tail dyed yellow gives me great visibility, so my flies for the Coup de soir have wings in this type of hair. By Agostino Roncallo (2011-03-08) Both in English and Italian.
Tube body & parachute
Building the tube bodies with use of common silicone colorless sealant.
By Agostino Roncallo (2011-02-06) Both in English and Italian.
R Nimph
In my opinion, the model of a fly must to be born from a simple idea and should be easy to achieve. By Agostino Roncallo (2010-12-26)
Tying the Blue Wing Olive (BWO)
The "BWO" mayfly is a staple food source on which trout rely year round.
By Jason Akl (2010-12-05)
Hook Bent
How to create a fly that sits correct on the water surface. Fly tying article by Agostino Roncallo. (2010-11-20)
Roncallo Special
This is one of the first artificial flies that I dressed with CDC. Arose from a modification that I made of John Goddard's and Brian Clarke's "Suspender Nymph". By Agostino Roncallo (2010-10-19)
Synthetic raffia
New and cheap substitute for raffia, a syntetic material presented by Agostino Roncallo (2010-09-07)
Gold Balls & Silver Bullets
Beadheads are very effective patterns for any other watercourse. Their value has been noticed by a growing number of fly fishers, and they are accounting for some good fish, whether in running or still water. By Hans van Klinken. 2010-09-07
Ant with Fez & Co.
Fly tying article by Agostino Roncallo. 2010-07-14
The Blair Mouse Project
I laughed when I read the pattern's name, "The Blair Mouse Project", probably named somewhat after a cult film I absolutely hated and didn't have a clue what all the talk was about. Article by Bob Kenly
Gripper Pad part two
Sometimes it happens that I find new materials that can be used for building artificial flies. I have found one of a real interest. By Agostino Roncallo. 2010-06-01
Tying The Steelhead Caddis
Using something a little out of the ordinary might just be what the fish were looking for. By Jason Akl (2010-05-15)
Gripper Pad
Sometimes it happens that I find new materials that can be used for building artificial flies. I have found one of a real interest. By Agostino Roncallo. 2010-05-01
The X foam
New technique for tying hackle on dry flies, using x-foam, by Agostino Roncallo. 2010-04-02
For many years this fly pattern was the secret weapon that I used for capture graylings and trout, particularly difficult ones. By Agostino Roncallo (2010-03-01)
HPU Brite-Eyed Emerald Shiner
The Emerald Shiner is now the most abundant minnow in the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. By Fox Statler. (2010-02-23)
My Parachute
Helpful method for tying parachute hackle. By Agostino Roncallo (2010-02-15)
The Yallerhammer, a truly American Fly
It is generally accepted that it was the Cherokees who first brought down a Yellow-shafted Flicker with a blowgun, wrapped its bright quill around a hook, and caught a trout. Maybe the Cherokee indians tied this fly as they tied the deer hair fly, reverse Palmer style. Article by Bruce E. Harang (2010-02-06)
Tying Mr. Sowbug's Dead-Drifter Sowbug
If sowbugs and scuds are in the stream, they can make up as much as seventy-five percent of the trout diet. By Fox Statler (2010-01-02)
The Remerger
Unweighted nymphs, flymphs and emergers, but because I think that this pattern has all these properties built into it, I gave this fly the striking name. By Hans van Klinken (2009-11-15)
Angle flies, method to tie dry flies, by Geir Kjensmo (2009-07-25)
The Arctic Mouse
fly tying article by Bob Kenly
Fox Statler's Sand Eels
fly tying article by Fox Statler
How to Tie a Hare's Ear Nymph
By R. Wollum (2009-05-02)
"Reinforced" parachute hackles
Alternative method to wrap and secure parachute hackles. By Milan Trickovic (2009-03-22)
How To Tie Fox's Arkansas Scud
The history behind this excellent Scud (Gammarus) imitation, also tying description. By Fox Statler (2008-04-22)
HPU Patterns
All Hook-Point-Up (HPU) patterns have three components. First, lead or brass eyes placed below the hook-eye. Second, some sort of tying material such as deer hair, feathers, fur, or hanked material tied in above the hook-eye. Third, a sturdy and often large streamer hook. By Fox Statler 2008-01-26
The Homer Roach Travels To Ireland: HUH?
The use of a Alaskan salmon tube fly in a Irish Loch. By Bob Kenly
Linda's Shrimp, Shrimp fly tying article, fly pattern, by Bob Kenly (2007-06-22)
Ants, Fly tying article by By Gianluca Nocentini (2007-03-18)
The Boss, a simple salmon/steelhead fly pattern, known to everyone who fishes Alaska, The Boss, an all purpose fly. By Bob Kenly 2007-02-25
Coloured tubes. Perspectives.
Using colored plastic tubed for salmon tube flies. Also abaout using Serebrjanka dubbing. Fly tying article by Jurij Shumakov (2006-06-06)
Little Witchy
Flytying article. Trolling flies like the Witchy are made to play into the voracious feeding behavior of large predatory fish, or more simply put just attract as much attention as possible in hopes that a lunker will take a quick swipe at the fly. By Jason Akl (2006-03-01
Why wax?
A properly waxed thread is both rouge and adheres more readily to your materials. This enables you to tie stronger flies with fewer thread winds resulting in a neater and more attractive fly. By Anders Isberg (2005-12-10)
The Turbo Shrimp,
From Russia To Alaska, Spinner fly article by Bob Kenly (2005-10-15)
The Scurr (Heptagenid / Stoneclinger) lifelike fly tying by James Matthews (2005-05-20)
The Cascade Prawn - A study in Fly Tying - "base coating" and "color layering" Also presenting steelhed flies by Jack Cook (2005-05-08)
Tying on half-inch tube of "Long range" type, step by step sequence
By Jurij Shumakov (2005-04-02)
The Flyrod C and Other Misadventures
Real different fly pattern, based on a spinning lure, article by Bob Kenly (2005-03-01)
Big Eye Spoon Fly
Fly tying article, about fly that imitate crabs or injured bait fish. Fly developed for fishing Redfish but is probably also good for Sea-trout, Snook, Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Mackerel. By Jason Akl (2005-02-26)
Spinner’d Minners
Fly tying arcticle by Fox Statler. Tying a very special fly with spinning spoon.
Breathing Dragon
Fly tying article, about Dragon flies. By Jason Akl
Hackling CDC
Fly tying article, describing "Light greenish CDC Dun", by Leon Links (2005-01-28)
Marengo Minnow
Fly tying article by Jason Akl (2004-12-25)
Matthews' Peccadillo
Fly tying article on great grayling fly, imitating caddi larvae, hydropsyche. By James Matthews (2004-12-14)
Cased Caddis, Maximus, Ammonite nymph, Hydropsyche larva, several fly tying articles by James Matthews (2004-11-25)
Organza gilling technique
fly tying article, caddi nymph imitations, by James Matthews (2004-07-27)
Culprit Crane Fly Fly tying article by Jason Akl (2004-06-13)
Red & White Pencil Popper, fly tying article by Jason Akl (2004-05-04)
My preferred flies, three flies, tying descriptions; Olive Biot Dun, P.A. Emerging, Emergent Hare's Ear. By Gianluca Nocetini. (2004-05-04)
Sili-Skin Scud, fly tying article by Jason Akl (2004-05-02)
PT Stone stone fly imitation, fly tying article by Jason Akl (2004-03-28)
Hot Spot Caddis bead head flies to imitate caddis flies at larval stage, fly tying article by Jason Akl (2004-03-14)
From Russia with... fly article on Kola flies, with 55 fly tying descr. by Jurij Shumakov (2004-03-06)
Super Bunny rabbit fur streamer, fly tying article by Jason Akl (2004-02-28)
How do you like your Eggs four salmon/steelhead "egg" flies presented by Scotty Howell (2004-02-28)
Flopper (the fallen hopper) fly tying article by Jason Akl (2004-02-14)
Fox's Mudbugs, article with several fly patterns of the same serie, by Fox Statler (2004-01-31)
October Caddis Nymph fly tying article by Jason Akl (2004-01-18)
The Oligochaete Worm, Could every "San Juan Worm" that has ever been tied be wrong? By Fox Statler. (2003-12-21)
Akl’s Fur Comet Series Blazing Saddle, Fly tying article and fly pattern by Jason Akl (2003-11-30)
Madam X Fly tying article and tying pattern by Jason Akl. (2003-10-12)
Swinger Fly tying article and tying pattern by Jason Akl. (2003-09-27)
Rabid Prince Fly tying article and tying pattern by Jason Akl. (2003-09-16)
Eppendorf tubes or the "scientific" way to the best fly design
(In preparation to the coming season), article on a new type of tubes for tube flies, by Jurij Shumakov (2003-03-29
Some good flies for Slovenian rivers, By Danjel Radetic, (2003-02-15)
Happy mistake, article on Interchangeable tube fly bodies by Jurij Shumakov (2003-01-26)
How to have your cake and eat it article about new designed tube fly tubes, conehead flies, by Jurij Shumakov (2002-04-14)
The quest for the Silver Fleece, article about a new fly tying material by Jurij Shumakov (2002-03-30)
Leeches, ...disgusting according to us, but the rainbow thinks different. By Gunnar Johnson (2001-11-16)
Foam no.5, by Niclas Andersson. A different mayfly where the shape, silhouette and impression is the most important. (Published 2001-06-12)
The Klinkhåmer Special fifteen years later update article on the famous Dutch fly, by Hans van Klinken. (Published 2000-12-26)
Russian Bullet under Swedish wing, a different way to tie tubeflies. By Jurij Shumakov
"True Man" hook, A presentation of the "True Man" hook, for balancing and improving tube flies. By Jurij Shumakov. (Published 2000-05-27)
Streaking Caddis A presentation of the famous Swedish dry fly that imitates caddis. By Lennart Bergqvist and Kenneth Boström (1998-07-29) 136 kb.
Norwegian Power, by Hans van Klinken. (Published 980322). 71kB
Fly fishing in the wilderness of Newfoundland, by Hans van Klinken. (Published 980127). 46kB
The arising of the Klinkhamer Special, Article on the classical Dutch fly The Klinkhamer Special, by Hans van Klinken. (Published 980103)
Biography of Hans van Klinken, Article on the famous Dutch flyfisher and flytyer Hans van Klinken, by Paul Marriner (Published 980103)
In the spell of the Rackehanen, Rackelhanen, Thank you! Hans van Klinken tell us a story of his first meeting with the fly Rackelhanen. (Published 980103)


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